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December 13, 2018

CIO Applications Europe Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Rapid developments in internet protocols and computing systems have become a key to creating an effective and easier communication between different devices.
AR systems are becoming comparable to traditional techniques, with precision and safety for clinical practice. Augmented reality is a powerful tool possibly capable of revolutionizing the old way of surgery through a new intelligent method.
The recent changes or shifts in DevOps help organizations to manage security threats far better than how they have managed them before.
Featured Vendors
Specializes in enterprise VR solutions that are characterized by realism, scalability, and performance.
Provides services in customer strategy, digital media, data, analytics, marketing technology, customer experience & engagement.
Provides customer service and self-service solutions by turning knowledge into dialogue and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) instantly for agents and self-service users.
CIO Viewpoint
Francesco Tinto, Global CIO, The Kraft Heinz Company
At The Kraft Heinz Company, our Vision is To Be the Best Food Company, Growing a Better World—providing clarity and purpose in everything we do.
Marc Probst, CIO & VP, Intermountain Healthcare
IoT devices are entering healthcare at an increasing rate.
CXO Insights
By Lucas Ngoo, Co-Founder & CTO, Carousell
Artificial Intelligence has been a game changer for the business world, as new breakthroughs allow companies to unlock more and more value from their data.
By Christopher Murphy, VP of Software and Controls Engineering, Jervis B. Webb Company Innovation
The tooling, work cells, logistics systems, and material handling systems all produce data that the manufacturer is using to control the quality of the product.