Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, July 09,2020

Feature of the Week

Knowledge management can be defined as the process of redefining, structuring, storing, and sharing within the organization to help present employees gain efficiency in their respective jobs  Read more
The banking industry is one of the fastest-growing markets since the introduction of numerous innovative tools and solutions. According to Dashdevs, the rising needs for high-tech banking and financial services are the key factors that support the ev  Read more
Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the work dynamics of the industries. It is creating a better user experience and simplifying the customer’s journey. On its way to transform various verticals, AI is finding its applications in HubSpot  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

Patrick Quinn, CIO, Acuity Brands Lighting  
Cloud-based services, especially Platform-as-a-Service are relatively new trends that are now having a significant impact on concerns about security.  Read more
Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist and CIO, Encore Electric  
Gartner defines “IT services” as the “application of business and technical expertise to enable.  Read more

Featured Vendors

Stefan Lohmüller, Head of Technical Sales  
DTC is a Navigation and Security Solutions company based in Munich, Germany. As the exclusive representative of Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS), the company distributes the inertial navigation systems to capture accurate data for dynamic vehicle...  Read more
Katrin Beuthner, Managing Director  
Offers a low-code platform that combines the features of modern intranet with data integration and process automation in a single consolidated platform. Imbued with the capabilities of data integration and process automation, the low-code platform...  Read more
Ege Yay, the Managing Director  
Designs and develops AR/VR apps with an aim to help enterprises leverage the latest technological advancements  Read more

CXO Insights

Tari Dogra, Head of Division, IT Service Management, St. James’s Place Wealth Management  
Customer surveys have been around for decades. But why are they conducted? The answer is usually to...  Read more
David Ellis, Vice President, Security and Mobility, Tech Data  
Regardless of size, there is one reality that holds true for all businesses; technology.  Read more