Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, December 12,2019

Feature of the Week

Technology solutions provided by European HR Tech startups are assisting managers with decision-making, easing human resource management.  Read more
Risk management takes on new forms as Europe enlists the vulnerabilities from the ongoing 5G revolution.  Read more
The growing focus on data sovereignty is driving Europe to foster its cloud computing infrastructure.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

Steve Miller, CIO, Steelcase  
Any business hoping to compete in the modern world is devoting extensive resources toward transforming the digital experience for customers and employees.  Read more
Raahil Burhaani, CIO, Essar Oil UK Ltd  
Smarter systems need smarter people to extract the value and generate successful business outcomes.  Read more

Featured Vendors

José María Torres, President & Founder  
Numintec brings expertise and solutions for omnichannel and highly personalised customer experience. The company offers SaaS-based solutions for omnichannel communications that enable customers to extract and analyse all the activity performed in...  Read more
Ulaş Kula, BilişimBI Product ManagerProf. Aydın Köksal, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Hüseyin Erdağ, CEO  
Bilişim AŞ is a pioneering management information system solutions provider. The company’s offerings include BilişimBI, a bespoke business intelligence solution. Their Business Intelligence System is designed and developed by adopting...  Read more
Wojciech Wencel, CEO  
From their journey in 2011, summ-it delivers IT solutions especially in database and business intelligence areas with great focus on MS SQL Server and Oracle systems. summ-it provides solutions in the areas of databases and web applications and...  Read more

CXO Insights

Jacobo Dominguez-Blanco Fernández, VP of Customers Ex. & Operations, Cabify  
Technology is the driving force behind the change in contact centers; 2. The purpose of its use must...  Read more
Debbie Green, VP Of Applications, ORACLE [NYSE: ORCL]  
AI is the Yang to the human Yin—it excels at repetitive, lower level tasks and analysis, while...  Read more