Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, May 28,2020

Feature of the Week

The company offers attractive options to customers where instead of buying tickets upfront, they can spread the cost over 1 - 12 months, from as low as 0 percent Annual Percentage Rates (APR)  Read more
The World Bank cites air pollution as the fourth largest health risk in the world. Initial studies also indicate that long term exposure to high air pollution levels increases COVID-19 death rates.  Read more
Business across all sectors is rapidly becoming data-driven.  Read more
The primary objective for all authorities in the world today is to contain the spread of the virus. To ensure this, authorities have been taking unprecedented measures to minimize physical contact amongst people.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

Dave Roberts, CIO, Radius Payment Solutions  
The business has become a lot more technology lead as we break new ground in fleet management.  Read more
Jeff Cann, Chief Strategist and CIO, Encore Electric  
Gartner defines “IT services” as the “application of business and technical expertise to enable.  Read more

Featured Vendors

Óscar Valente, CEO & COO  
Offers agile methodology in implementing effective solutions to provide visibility and transparency in agile project management  Read more
Patrice Petit,Founder  
Backed by two decades of experience in the Agile landscape, AgilBee has established itself as a pioneer and leading French organization offering its clients a robust solution segregated into four types of services, namely Coaching, Large Group...  Read more
Gerrit Grunert, Founder, Owner, MD  
Driving the wheels of marketing in the competitive market of Germany, Crispy Content® offers customised content, analytical and strategic expertise and a finely integrated sales-oriented technical environment like HubSpot. The company acts as...  Read more

CXO Insights

Stewart Elliot, Chief Executive Officer, Modo Labs  
Mobile app assembly products such as Guidebook have done a great job paving the way for the...  Read more
Todd Inskeep, Global Security Assessments VP- Global Security Services, Samsung  
All too often, I see organi­zations that are looking to improve their mo­bile strategies fall...  Read more