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April 17, 2019

CIO Applications Europe Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Blockchain is capable of changing the way business is done. As a distributed, tamper-proof ledger, it reduces intermediaries, reduces costs, and increases speed and reach.
DevOps focuses on helping developers to be self-sufficient in the basic operations of getting their application into a real environment.
Agility of any business to transform and adapt to market conditions is perhaps the most vital aspect of managing today’s enterprises.
Featured Vendors
Force24 provides intuitive marketing automation technology and groundbreaking support to UK marketers.
PUSHTech is a leading firm in marketing automation which adds value to businesses by delivering affordable marketing solutions that offers a customer-centric approach and enable better KPIs to its clients.
Implementing an effective strategy of email delivery with the aid of innovative and time-saving email marketing products that all business owners can afford.
CIO Viewpoint
Jim Simpson, SVP & CIO, AvMed
I see that wearables are going to substantially change the way that healthcare functions.
Elena Gil Lizasoain, CIO, CEO, LUCA
When you hear Big Data, what springs to mind? For many, Big Data, and everything that comes with it is still a relatively new concept.
CXO Insights
By Piers Newton Smith, Head of Brand Strategy, Direct Line Group
MarTech is rapidly becoming the foundation of brands’ relationships with their customers.
By Tunc Berkman, CMO and EVP of Mobile Sales, Vestel
Customers have unchanging human needs. Basic human needs of today’s customer don't differ from the ones of their ancestors who lived thousands of years ago.