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October 11, 2018

CIO Applications Europe Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Unsecured and unpatched networks give way to blockchain technology for a more efficient way to secure the medical and healthcare data, which is valuable in many ways, from hackers and ransomware attackers.
Technology is undoubtedly playing a significant role in every sphere of life today. Most humans have probably not realized how modern cutting-edge technologies like AI have permeated into the lives of most humans today.
Today, chatbots are becoming the first point of contacts between customers and producers. With savvy chatbot technology, a brand is able to improve customer satisfaction as well as cut down cost on customer relation hires.
Featured Vendors
Provides comprehensive and continuous protection of websites and web applications against cyber attacks, using AI and Machine Learning.
An IT security company that offers services and products for two-factor authentication, identity management, and encryption.
Delivers CyberQuest, a scalable big data security analytics platform and SIEM that offers visibility into security data and events to prevent incidents.
CIO Viewpoint
Dr. Michael Gorriz, CIO, Standard Chartered Bank
Any Universal Identity System Should Allow the Ownership of Personal Data to Lie With the Individual.
Marc Probst, CIO & VP, Intermountain Healthcare
An increasing number of public sector cyberattacks have hastened the cybersecurity conversation by legislators and investigative agencies— that’s very promising.
CXO Insights
By Jeffrey Batt, Vice President, Marsh
Cyber insurance is only an effective risk transfer tool if it keeps pace with the changing threat environment.
By Dennis Curry, Executive Director & Deputy CTO, KONICA MINOLTA INC
Building upon the spread of cortex-like platforms, we envisage the integration of AI and edge-based IoT solutions to distribute and augment the intelligence within the workplace of the future.